Season 3 bloopers x

Bellamy “Sailor’s Mouth” Young


This is the line up for the 16 hour NoMore SVU marathon on USA next Sunday! It’s hosted by Mariska!


  • ”We already had our romantic comedy going”: Mariska Hargitay
"I’ve known Julianna for some time. In fact, she called me about the job at the same time that they offered it to me. She said, “Hey I’m doing this show, and there’s a cool role, and I think you’d be great for it.” I came in with a history with her. She’s just the greatest (…) Everybody takes what they do very seriously, but Jules doesn’t take herself so seriously. And she is such a good person, by nature such a caretaker. It’s in her genetic make-up. It’s why she’s such a good mom. She just wants to make sure everybody around her is taken care of. We’re really lucky to have someone like that leading the ship." - Josh Charles


The Good Wife - All Tapped Out

So this episode of the good wife was one of my favorites of all time!!! I loved it so much :))